Patch a day challenge #15

You can download the patch here.
Easiest way to use it yourself is to install pd-extended and add rjlib.

I was out in the forest today, have a good time doing field recording. I had some recorders running in the middle of them and figured I get out the laptop and start playing around with pd in the middle of it. I break some twigs, mess with some leaves, and have some fun with my immediate enviroment. Thats why you see me looking around so nervously all the time.
Live stuff is always fun with delays and feedback and effects. In this case I used my MS encode and decode patches to create some odd phase effects with reverb and other things going into the mid and side part.

It was fitting cause I was recording with my mkh30/line cm3 mid/side setup elsewhere at the same time. Charles Maynes wrote a nice article about Mid Side here.

In a patch like this interesting input is pretty important, what comes out completly relies on it. So how it sounds for you will be completly different.

Patch a day challenge #14

You can download the patch here.

Starting a jam that can create bits for weapons. Low End attack, transients. Not sure where this will go but its about weapon sounds. The weapon sounds I did for killzone shadow fall all had a mix of real world weapon sounds, straight and manipulated but also synthesis. This direction will lead to a patch that will create these types of elements.


Patch a day challenge #12

You can download the patch here.

FM? FM. Fm stands for Frequency Modulation. Invented by Mr John Chowning. Modulate a oscillator with another oscilator. magic happens!
You know this ofcourse. I know this (hey i got a BA with honours in Music TEch) but anyways, its great. When is somebody gonna invent something new again? Its been awhile right?
Ok hmm i like this filterband stuff as you could tell yesterday and before that. This is kind of a twist on that.
hmm its 47 years since John invented FM. Wauw.


Patch a day challenge #11

You can download egregore here.
You can download the patch here.

Today I bring you 2 jams. The first is me having a blast with Egregore. An installation piece made in pure data entirely. It has a ridiculously cool sound and has all kinds of knobs to mess with. Its all very smart. Its also, if you dig in its guts, one of the most neat and readable pd patches i have ever seen. Egregore comes with its own pd executable so even if you dont know your way around it, just get it and have some fun.

Then to mix things up, I toke the filterbank from yesterday and added variable delay per filter. It turned into a nice scape generator. So instead of letting you hear the process of its development I show it at 12x speed while the end result is audible at 1x.

update: aaaargh, i made the first vid say 10! zomg! not going to fix it :)

Patch a day challenge #10

You can download the patch here.

My colleague Pinar Temiz was talking up filterbanks yesterday, and after i heard it a bit i was sold. So today i had prepared a “filterbank” subpatch which is just 10 bandpass filters with the frequency rising with a ratio. so the [pd filterbank] object has 4 inlets. Audio in, then fundamental frequency, then ratio with which is next filter is tuned to and then the q for all of them. I started of using rjlib’s drunk and noise to create a nice synthetic wind sound. But then i started to add other sounds to the mix. At that point something magical seems to happen. THis is also where the audio of the videocapture improved because pd’s writesf~ had failed on me the previous 2 times (going back to bullet proof Sony m10 tomorrow).
Anyways, back to this magic. After 45-50 seconds or so, listen closely in the noise. You will hear a distant Gregorian singing voice or voices singing something “aaaah”. These beautiful slow melodies appear out of nowhere singing a song I have never heard. Good Times!
If you’re going to try this patch out, play around with the input material. I’m sure you can come up with something better then I did. If you do, send it back. Would love to hear it!

patch no10

Patch a day challenge #9

You can download the patch here.

So yesterday i was messing around with the granular some more and I got somewhere. I noticed on my laptop though that it cannot really capture the video and still have enough CPU juice to keep the message rate consistent. Anyways, in the studio it worked better. around 40 seconds int he video i got this really nice “drilling metal plate” sound. Which I found quite naturalistic sounding, as in, I could see myself use it in an of a violently moving vehicle or perhaps near a machine in a factory.

patch no9

Patch a day challenge #8

You can download the patch here.

A continuation of yesterday’s “on the road” hybrid setup. Pure Data feeds Korg Monotron. And that gets recorded on Sony M10. Its also a continuation of the patch. Yesterday I really believed in this “drunk” granular model. However I found some flaws in the patch that I tried to fix, but i managed to amke it sound way less interesting. I think my current approach relies to much on the message speed of pure data so for those small grains that is too small. My lesson is that my curren approach might work if i increase the grain size. Or i have to restructure the patch and make the grain creation part at audio rate. The latter I do not know how to approach in pd at the moment. Maybe i will put this in the ice for a bit and return to it after this month?

At some point half way in the video I do get a sound that is remarkably close to a .50 gatling gun (minigun).

patch no8

Patch a day challenge #7

You can download the patch here.

Ok so we were on a road trip. I brought an extra camera. because i did a hybrid setup. Pure Data going into Korg Monotron. And monotron going into Sony M10.

I ended up making a very rudimentary granular synthesizer. unfortunatly my laptop couldnt really handle this 2 camera setup :( It kind of killed it af ew times. so im missing a bit of cool sounds in the video and some framerate. But, this is definetly a path to try to do again. Really liking this granular setup. Going to reuse it a bunch more and refine it.


Patch a day challenge #6

You can download the patch here.

Creating a patch a day can be a bit of a stressful experience. Today was a such a day, it was a very busy day and I couldnt get stuff to work really on my morning commute. So this was pretty completly made on the way back home after work. At some point i got this slightly bubbly sound and then I decided to duplicate that a lot of times to see if i could get this pot of boiling water type of thing. In a dreamy scifi game maybe, in a realistic game? not a chance… I wonder though if i had spend more time tweaing the inputs of the noise randomisation if the unformity i was getting would disappear. Or perhaps this vcf~ approach i was going for is going to roadblock me with this sound, that it will never really get away from that characteristic no matter what I do.

I wonder…

patch no6