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Patch a day challenge #8

You can download the patch here.

A continuation of yesterday’s “on the road” hybrid setup. Pure Data feeds Korg Monotron. And that gets recorded on Sony M10. Its also a continuation of the patch. Yesterday I really believed in this “drunk” granular model. However I found some flaws in the patch that I tried to fix, but i managed to amke it sound way less interesting. I think my current approach relies to much on the message speed of pure data so for those small grains that is too small. My lesson is that my curren approach might work if i increase the grain size. Or i have to restructure the patch and make the grain creation part at audio rate. The latter I do not know how to approach in pd at the moment. Maybe i will put this in the ice for a bit and return to it after this month?

At some point half way in the video I do get a sound that is remarkably close to a .50 gatling gun (minigun).

patch no8

Patch a day challenge #7

You can download the patch here.

Ok so we were on a road trip. I brought an extra camera. because i did a hybrid setup. Pure Data going into Korg Monotron. And monotron going into Sony M10.

I ended up making a very rudimentary granular synthesizer. unfortunatly my laptop couldnt really handle this 2 camera setup :( It kind of killed it af ew times. so im missing a bit of cool sounds in the video and some framerate. But, this is definetly a path to try to do again. Really liking this granular setup. Going to reuse it a bunch more and refine it.


Patch a day challenge #6

You can download the patch here.

Creating a patch a day can be a bit of a stressful experience. Today was a such a day, it was a very busy day and I couldnt get stuff to work really on my morning commute. So this was pretty completly made on the way back home after work. At some point i got this slightly bubbly sound and then I decided to duplicate that a lot of times to see if i could get this pot of boiling water type of thing. In a dreamy scifi game maybe, in a realistic game? not a chance… I wonder though if i had spend more time tweaing the inputs of the noise randomisation if the unformity i was getting would disappear. Or perhaps this vcf~ approach i was going for is going to roadblock me with this sound, that it will never really get away from that characteristic no matter what I do.

I wonder…

patch no6

Patch a day challenge #5

You can download the patch here.
Today’s jam takes some things we’ve seen before in 1-4, modulated feedback, randomization, wavetable oscillation and puts them together. Combining feedback with some randomization. The interesting bit about feedback stuff is that everytime you make them they turn out slightly differently. Today was more proof of that. It wasn’t the most inspiring of the bunch so far but it still got me thinking about some new ideas for tomorrow. And tomorrow I plan on taking someone elses patch and messing it up royally

no5 pd patch image

Patch a day challenge #4

So yesterday got my thinking about using arrays sort of as wavetable synthesis, although I didn’t plan on making something as complicated as Shaun did. First up I added a write to sound function for the startup patch. Handy to record your jam. Proceeding with some basic vco modulation. But then randomization gets introduced and things change. I kept messing with the drunk object from rjlib and suddenly I had annoying insect simulator. File – save and on to the next one. Now just remember that I have this :)


Fellowing designing sound reader @AlessioMellina also joined in!

Patch a day challenge #3

So for #dspatchaday no3 I was kind of jamming during my lunch break. I wanted to use array’s and trumpet. So I start of by creating a recording setup and then have a small 2 second buffer that it reads through in various ways. forwards, backwards, with an sine instead of linear. then suddenly that became this nice moody sound. This I recorded into a 2nd buffer. In the end I created some odd crackles by reading one buffer with the second buffer as a look-up table. I think tomorrow I will dive a bit into tables (shorter ones) a bit more and then hand manipulate them a bit. At the moment these jams seem to be pretty random and not really focused on getting a particular sound, just letting it happen and see what I get. I’m thinking ill also make some with a bit more sonic desire too.


Patch a day challenge #2

So today I wanted to mess with filtered noise for a bit. That was fun for awhile untill i got bored with it, so i added some classic kick sound stuff to it. Fun times.
The patch in the end is some kick sound with odd stereo effects with sawtooth vcf modulation. Seemed to generated some interesting patterns. Reminded me of a cool blog post by Steve Whetman on a record he made 10 years ago as Milanese.

Unfortunately in the first bit the codec cannot deal with the noise very well. Gotta figure out if i can get FF split to record to raw audio somehow.
In the middle bit i’m actaully patching on my commute in the train. Fun times, except a trackpad really sucks for pd patching.

Shaun was kind of enough to post the challenge on and it now also has the official hashtag: #dspatchaday. Lets see if anybody else will join in.


Patch a day challenge #1

Over at  it is Synthesis Month. It has inspired me to o try to create a patch a day, starting today, the 5th of October.

I wanted to capture a screencast of the entire process of creating it, unfortunatly i failed because of some capture settings. So instead, i’ll just share the final outcome , the patch and a screenshot of it.
Its a simple and not so neat pure data patch with modulated feedback.


Killzone Shadow Fall Released

Last week Killzone Shadow Fall released. Ofcourse there was quite a bit of press but one article in particular was interesting. Digital Foundry came over and spend quite some time in the studio talkign to all the departments. They also visited the sound department and spend time with Lewis James (lead audio), Andreas Varge (audio programmer) and myself discussing the tech and execution of the sound of shadow fall. He picked one particularly nifty tech we developed that we call MADDER (Material Dependant Enviromental Reaction). This is a system that adds sounds of the location you are in to the weapon sound. Anyways, you can read and hear (about) it here.