Interesting donationware plugins: R-128 analyzer

Came across this donationware plugin bundle that includes a nice looking R-128 analyzer. Have a look for yourself: It even supports 7.1! That alone is worth a lot more for a loudness meter, but this also comes with a ton of other toys. Nice one.

Studio #6 – Interview with Jory Prum

As part of my research for the standing studio I had an email conversation with Jory Prum. He is the owner and operator of studio jory. This Frisco Bay Area recording studio focuses on video game audio. And is one of the inspirations behind this concept. His long list of past work includes Double Fine’s […]

The Bug Tracing Commandments or Questions you should ask yourself when it doesn’t work.

A Work in Progress, notes i’ve made for myself that I look at when something isn’t working right. I use this to make sure I am not missing something obvious. And it will give me a new strategy to look at the bug. Are you missing something obvious? What does my content do? How is […]