Sound Safari #001 – Draining Water

I was walking the dog yesterday when suddely i was hearing this loud water stream. It sounded pretty gritty and interesting so I stopped and recorded it. Not much later I found another good spot, the sewage drain right next to it. And a bit off, a great little diesel pump or aggregate. I’ve put […]

The Bug Tracing Commandments or Questions you should ask yourself when it doesn’t work.

A Work in Progress, notes i’ve made for myself that I look at when something isn’t working right. I use this to make sure I am not missing something obvious. And it will give me a new strategy to look at the bug. Are you missing something obvious? What does my content do? How is […]

Creating the sounds of Halo: Reach & debug info rant.

“HALO: REACH” Game Audio Profile from Michael Coleman on Vimeo. Nice little docu on the audio work for Halo: Reach. What keeps surprising me is that debug info is always on the game screen. For some reason this bugs me, especially these days where tools are connected to the game and you are seeing your […]