Studio #3 where to put stuff continued

Time to crate, an expression ive encountered a few times over the years, encapsulated in something practical for the standing studio.

My girlfriend came across this awesome looking cabinet by Mauricio Arruda.  Filled with different types of crates. I think a certain configuration like this would not only look terific but also be very practical. My first sketches that i posted a few weeks ago already showed shelves like this aswell. Perhaps I can come up with a way to repurpose a crate as a  drawer.


She also came across this interesting concept by Philippe Nigro. To me it proves the versatility of the skeleton concept. Because on the days that i’m working in the office, she could create concepts like this. (she is an industrial designer).

Lemur & Nuendo III

So some update worth mentionning. The patch now has speaker solo for one.

It also has some nifty things like a shuttle button, which was only half the pain to setup as the monitor speaker solo buttons. They were a bit of a pain because nuendo hit their control somewhere deep, and in a way thats quite annoying to script for. i ended up setting midi scripts for them that when you turn it of it cancels the solo.
Im going to fix some broken stuff like the monitor source which doenst seem to want to work 100% of the time.

Nuendo & lemur II

So ive been updated the UI a bit. The green of the main fader now fades to blue when you go down. And ive added some more switches.


So you can mute all 7.1 speakers individually, however i havent figured out yet if nuendo will let me control those thru midi. So no updated xml’s

Lemur & Nuendo I

So after the multiball debacle, which was really all supposed to be about fun, i decided to make something i could actually use, a lot.
this is rev 0.01 of my nuendo lemur patch. Currently its just to set the master volume of control room and switch between your A & B monitor outputs. Also the fader goes red if you push it beyond 0 dB FS and there is a unity gain push botton on the bottom of it.
Download Link: Nuendo_13_12_11
It includes both the lemur file and the generic remote needed.

Ofcourse no warranties and obviously this is extremely work in progress. Just sharing the learning curve 😉

Multiball frustration

so if been doing some basic scripting with lemur for a few days. I’ve gotten comfortable with setting expression to get certain output values from a controller.
For the most part just assume the controller is doing something. Between 0 & 1. In the case of midi toot put from lemur this is automatically mapped to 1-127 ( tweak able )
But in the case of wanting to change the output of a controller to something different you can take the x and do what you want with it.
Ok so now to my slight frustration. I was trying to set the color of a monitor object to the color of a ball. So it would work as a legend, showing what ball was controlling what.
In order to achieve this i made a simple script that first gets the color of the ball

Decl b;
B= getattribute(Multiball[0], 'colors');
setattribute(monitor, 'color', b);

This didn’t work for some reason. And after trying a couple dozen things, and finding out that of course its COLORS not COLOR for the colors of the balls, make sure Multicolor was on, I was stumped. The forums didn’t provide me with the clue I needed either. So then I talked to Lewis about it and we came up with the cause. The color id only gets send when it changes. Grumble. This is not to put down lemur in anyway, im just document my progress and what goes wrong and right.

Studio#2 – Where to put stuff

So although i should probably be focusing on that skeleton structure i mentioned in #1 today i’ve been thinking more about where to put all the cables, microphones, recorders, foley props, instruments etc that clutter up the house right now.
So a key part of the studio design will be the storage wall. This area should be the place where the things that are not used go to to rest.
here’s a first sketch of it. And below it is the layout of the room (dimensions are complety out of whack, this is just to give an idea).

The middle is with all drawers for smaller bits and bobs like microphones. On the left will be some shelves to put crates with cables. and on top some space for smaller crates, maybe a quick run and grab rycote ready to go will live there.

Besides this wall of stuff on the top left of the room is a built in closet to put some things that get less use or possible things that make noise.

Studio #1 – The Opening Move.

I’ve always been inspired by interesting studio designs. Fortunatly at Guerrilla (my day job) I got to collaborate with Mutrox to design our rooms. But now its time to turn my attention to my home studio.

Other people are also inspired by studio design. One that for years i’ve found inspiring is Jory Plum’s studio. In his studio you can choose whether or not you want to work standing up or sitting down. Since I already work sitting down most days of the week I don’t necesarrily want to do more of that at home. Apparently all that sitting can kill you.
Although I am fortunate enough to live in a pretty decent size home for somebody my age and family size and location there is a limit to the space i have available. The room is about 20m2 if I had to guess right now. I want to make use of that space in a very flexible way.
So, I’ve been thinking of creating a sort of cage structure perhaps a bit like scaffold rigging. This would create a skeleton that would allow me to attach whatever I needed. For instance, hang my speakers from it in any configuration. If i want to experiment with an 2nd order ambisonics setup all i have to do is adjust the position and heights. If i want to do 5.1 setup same thing.
A small table would be necessary that i hang for the skeleton where i would place my mouse and keyboard. later on i would add a movable stand for an ipad so i can use touchosc as a controller.
If I did not want to use any of that i could put it aside and have a minimalist open room to record foley or to do some taijquan. Perhaps some mates could come round and we’d jam for a bit so we’d just need some space for amps and a drumkit.
The wiring for audiocables and electricity would go inside the skeleton aswell so there isnt too much clutter (note to self: what about crosstalk)
I guess all of this will not make a lot of sense without pictures. Unfortunatly I havent actually begun making this. The room is so messy right now (my chair is an old couch) that I dont even want to post a picture of it. I have been thinking about it for a long time do. So I will begin sketching out my progress here. Sharing my learing curve and collecting my thoughts. Possibly asking for assistance from you.

In Sumary: the home studio room is aiming to be an ultra flexible room for quick improtu creativity (in sound). There will be a strong skeleton to which other things can be hooked up.