Citer – Arne van den Berg

Citer Computer Music 2010 from Arne van den Berg on Vimeo.

The idea is to make Computer-music with an analogue output and a live, visual performance. In history we have seen mechanical instruments like the pianola or the barrel organ and composers (Xenakis) who generate their scores with the use of the computer, which were studied and played by musicians. This piece is a reaction on these phenomena’s. In mordern times of technology is it possible and challenging to replace the musician for a computer. And so, the citer is being played by electromotor which are switched and programmed with the use of arduino (software). In order to make the piece not as dead as the computer itself is, I developed some change factors in it, by using elastic wires between the balls and the motors. It’s generating chaotic behaviour, and as a result, the piece never sounds the same when being played. I’m still working on the project and a better video will be uploaded here soon. Enjoy!

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