The Bug Tracing Commandments or Questions you should ask yourself when it doesn’t work.

A Work in Progress, notes i’ve made for myself that I look at when something isn’t working right. I use this to make sure I am not missing something obvious. And it will give me a new strategy to look at the bug.

  • Are you missing something obvious?
  • What does my content do?
  • How is my content triggered?
  • What does the debug tell me?
  • Is the debug lying?
  • When did you hear something similar?
  • Is the Identifier hiding the true link?
  • Who would you give this bug to?
  • Why?
  • What would she tell you?
  • What is your weakness? (Check this first)
  • What is your strenght? (Are you assuming there is no mistake there?)
  • Let some time go by
  • Dont assume it’s somebody elses bug
  • Start over with a blank canvas
  • Read the Revision History
  • Follow the cable from end to end (is it plugged in?)
  • What you hear is not what you see (turn off your screen/close your eyes)
  • What you see is not what you hear (turn off your speakers)
  • Capture it and play it back
  • Isolate it as much as possible.
  • Reboot

What are your bug tracing Commandments?

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