I’ve always been inspired by interesting studio designs. Fortunatly at Guerrilla (my day job) I got to collaborate with Mutrox to design our rooms. But now its time to turn my attention to my home studio.

Other people are also inspired by studio design. One that for years i’ve found inspiring is Jory Plum’s studio. In his studio you can choose whether or not you want to work standing up or sitting down. Since I already work sitting down most days of the week I don’t necesarrily want to do more of that at home. Apparently all that sitting can kill you.
Although I am fortunate enough to live in a pretty decent size home for somebody my age and family size and location there is a limit to the space i have available. The room is about 20m2 if I had to guess right now. I want to make use of that space in a very flexible way.
So, I’ve been thinking of creating a sort of cage structure perhaps a bit like scaffold rigging. This would create a skeleton that would allow me to attach whatever I needed. For instance, hang my speakers from it in any configuration. If i want to experiment with an 2nd order ambisonics setup all i have to do is adjust the position and heights. If i want to do 5.1 setup same thing.
A small table would be necessary that i hang for the skeleton where i would place my mouse and keyboard. later on i would add a movable stand for an ipad so i can use touchosc as a controller.
If I did not want to use any of that i could put it aside and have a minimalist open room to record foley or to do some taijquan. Perhaps some mates could come round and we’d jam for a bit so we’d just need some space for amps and a drumkit.
The wiring for audiocables and electricity would go inside the skeleton aswell so there isnt too much clutter (note to self: what about crosstalk)
I guess all of this will not make a lot of sense without pictures. Unfortunatly I havent actually begun making this. The room is so messy right now (my chair is an old couch) that I dont even want to post a picture of it. I have been thinking about it for a long time do. So I will begin sketching out my progress here. Sharing my learing curve and collecting my thoughts. Possibly asking for assistance from you.

In Sumary: the home studio room is aiming to be an ultra flexible room for quick improtu creativity (in sound). There will be a strong skeleton to which other things can be hooked up.

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