Studio#2 – Where to put stuff

So although i should probably be focusing on that skeleton structure i mentioned in #1 today i’ve been thinking more about where to put all the cables, microphones, recorders, foley props, instruments etc that clutter up the house right now.
So a key part of the studio design will be the storage wall. This area should be the place where the things that are not used go to to rest.
here’s a first sketch of it. And below it is the layout of the room (dimensions are complety out of whack, this is just to give an idea).

The middle is with all drawers for smaller bits and bobs like microphones. On the left will be some shelves to put crates with cables. and on top some space for smaller crates, maybe a quick run and grab rycote ready to go will live there.

Besides this wall of stuff on the top left of the room is a built in closet to put some things that get less use or possible things that make noise.

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