Multiball frustration

so if been doing some basic scripting with lemur for a few days. I’ve gotten comfortable with setting expression to get certain output values from a controller.
For the most part just assume the controller is doing something. Between 0 & 1. In the case of midi toot put from lemur this is automatically mapped to 1-127 ( tweak able )
But in the case of wanting to change the output of a controller to something different you can take the x and do what you want with it.
Ok so now to my slight frustration. I was trying to set the color of a monitor object to the color of a ball. So it would work as a legend, showing what ball was controlling what.
In order to achieve this i made a simple script that first gets the color of the ball

Decl b;
B= getattribute(Multiball[0], 'colors');
setattribute(monitor, 'color', b);

This didn’t work for some reason. And after trying a couple dozen things, and finding out that of course its COLORS not COLOR for the colors of the balls, make sure Multicolor was on, I was stumped. The forums didn’t provide me with the clue I needed either. So then I talked to Lewis about it and we came up with the cause. The color id only gets send when it changes. Grumble. This is not to put down lemur in anyway, im just document my progress and what goes wrong and right.

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