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Besides my dayjob at guerrilla games I, together with Damian, host a podcast. Its called the game audio podcast. Awhile ago we had a terrific time talking to Bob Katz, Shaun Farley & Tom Hays about dynamic range & loudness. Since we have this sort of ubiquitous standard for broadcasting now from the EBU (R-128) I thought it would be great to see how podcasts are measuring up at the start of 2012. I’m picking 4 podcasts that I listen to frequently. Some of them are quite popular, some of them are niche.

Results below:

NPR show
company show
game show
popular show (mono)
range max
range min
 program level
true peak

based on 5 minutes of program because i am bored easily waiting for stats.

The dialog range (range min/max) Some interesting stats there. 75% are distorting on output.  The overall program level varies dramatically for each. 10 LUFS between the loudest and the softest. The popular show comes quite close to the -23 LUFS goal. But on average i’m eyeballing we are 8 LUFS off.

There isnt a body for podcasting. The only major force would be itunes but even its role is merely as a middleman and a search body. Really, i dont htink a lot of people find podcasts thru iTunes. Word of mouth, social networks etc. yes. So lets just assume there isnt  a real force that can push for any movement. I wonder, what could be done?

I think there are a few things: easy to use & free tools that will let both the pros & the amateurs check their outputs easily. And talking about it.

Any other suggestions? What tools should i recommend to (semi-) amateur podcasters for measuring their work’s loudness?

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