Patch a day challenge #2

So today I wanted to mess with filtered noise for a bit. That was fun for awhile untill i got bored with it, so i added some classic kick sound stuff to it. Fun times.
The patch in the end is some kick sound with odd stereo effects with sawtooth vcf modulation. Seemed to generated some interesting patterns. Reminded me of a cool blog post by Steve Whetman on a record he made 10 years ago as Milanese.

Unfortunately in the first bit the codec cannot deal with the noise very well. Gotta figure out if i can get FF split to record to raw audio somehow.
In the middle bit i’m actaully patching on my commute in the train. Fun times, except a trackpad really sucks for pd patching.

Shaun was kind of enough to post the challenge on and it now also has the official hashtag: #dspatchaday. Lets see if anybody else will join in.


Published by Anton

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  1. Hi!
    I really like the sound you just create, but I have a little question to ask : what is object [e_agc] ?
    thanks a lot!

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