Patch a day challenge #6

You can download the patch here.

Creating a patch a day can be a bit of a stressful experience. Today was a such a day, it was a very busy day and I couldnt get stuff to work really on my morning commute. So this was pretty completly made on the way back home after work. At some point i got this slightly bubbly sound and then I decided to duplicate that a lot of times to see if i could get this pot of boiling water type of thing. In a dreamy scifi game maybe, in a realistic game? not a chance… I wonder though if i had spend more time tweaing the inputs of the noise randomisation if the unformity i was getting would disappear. Or perhaps this vcf~ approach i was going for is going to roadblock me with this sound, that it will never really get away from that characteristic no matter what I do.

I wonder…

patch no6

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