Patch a day challenge #8

You can download the patch here.

A continuation of yesterday’s “on the road” hybrid setup. Pure Data feeds Korg Monotron. And that gets recorded on Sony M10. Its also a continuation of the patch. Yesterday I really believed in this “drunk” granular model. However I found some flaws in the patch that I tried to fix, but i managed to amke it sound way less interesting. I think my current approach relies to much on the message speed of pure data so for those small grains that is too small. My lesson is that my curren approach might work if i increase the grain size. Or i have to restructure the patch and make the grain creation part at audio rate. The latter I do not know how to approach in pd at the moment. Maybe i will put this in the ice for a bit and return to it after this month?

At some point half way in the video I do get a sound that is remarkably close to a .50 gatling gun (minigun).

patch no8

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