Patch a day challenge #11

You can download egregore here.
You can download the patch here.

Today I bring you 2 jams. The first is me having a blast with Egregore. An installation piece made in pure data entirely. It has a ridiculously cool sound and has all kinds of knobs to mess with. Its all very smart. Its also, if you dig in its guts, one of the most neat and readable pd patches i have ever seen. Egregore comes with its own pd executable so even if you dont know your way around it, just get it and have some fun.

Then to mix things up, I toke the filterbank from yesterday and added variable delay per filter. It turned into a nice scape generator. So instead of letting you hear the process of its development I show it at 12x speed while the end result is audible at 1x.

update: aaaargh, i made the first vid say 10! zomg! not going to fix it 🙂

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