Patch a day challenge #15

You can download the patch here.
Easiest way to use it yourself is to install pd-extended and add rjlib.

I was out in the forest today, have a good time doing field recording. I had some recorders running in the middle of them and figured I get out the laptop and start playing around with pd in the middle of it. I break some twigs, mess with some leaves, and have some fun with my immediate enviroment. Thats why you see me looking around so nervously all the time.
Live stuff is always fun with delays and feedback and effects. In this case I used my MS encode and decode patches to create some odd phase effects with reverb and other things going into the mid and side part.

It was fitting cause I was recording with my mkh30/line cm3 mid/side setup elsewhere at the same time. Charles Maynes wrote a nice article about Mid Side here.

In a patch like this interesting input is pretty important, what comes out completly relies on it. So how it sounds for you will be completly different.

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