Patch a day challenge #22

You can download the patch here.
Easiest way to use it yourself is to install pd-extended and add rjlib.

Today I wanted to work on metal hits. I started out by taking a recording, analysing it a bit. Then I started with baselayer of additive synthesis. On top of that I created an transient with comb filtered noise. I haven’t been doing much with FM yet in this series, and FM makes a lot of sense ofr metallic sounds, so I then started experimenting withthat. Results kind of came in and out. At some points it seemed I was getting somewhere and then suddenly it was gone again. There;s this sense of wanting to get a sound that is resembles the original, there is a sense of wanting to make it something that you would use in a game by adding (random) variation ability to it and there is a sense of wanting something that actually sounds pleasing. Sounds better then the original. These three seemed to really conflict within myself mainly today. Perhaps I should focus on one of the three.
I’m thinking of writing an summary piece at the end of the whole thing that sort of describes the overal journey of these etudes. Note to self, give my teacher at the HKU a ring. I wonder if that modular synth patch book is still laying about there.


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