Patch a day challenge #27

You can download the patch here.
Easiest way to use it yourself is to install pd-extended and add rjlib.

Oh Friday. Playing around a bit with a bouncing ball patch from Andy Farnell’s book Designing Sound. Added some randomization, added some movement. Then created whole bunch of them at the same time. Not the most interesting sound. But it shows an interesting problem we have with randomisation. You always have to seed it, have some kind of equilibrium yet not to sound predictable and repeated. Some systems take some time before they grow into something unique. In games case, you want that separation from the start, yet you also want control. It is a difficult balance to strike, a sound that does not sound repetitive but also works predictably. It quickly goes one way or the other. In games you need to context to judge that. There is no way to judge repetitiveness outside of context. That iss why a gameaudio toolchain needs to get you into the game as quickly as possible. Together with Andreas Varga I presented Guerrilla’s tool chain at this years GDC in San Francisco. Which offers such a workflow. Anyways, I digress. Context is everything, yet in this series, there is no real context. It is more like a performance. What can I do by time boxing myself severely and by adding the pressure of having to “ship” everyday. Lets call this a prelude to a post I plan to write once #dspatchaday is over.


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