Creating the sounds of Halo: Reach & debug info rant.

“HALO: REACH” Game Audio Profile from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

Nice little docu on the audio work for Halo: Reach.

What keeps surprising me is that debug info is always on the game screen. For some reason this bugs me, especially these days where tools are connected to the game and you are seeing your changes immediatly, it would be better in my opionion to have this information in a (small) secondary screen. Kind of like VU meters, but the game audio equivalent of that. If you look at some points in the docu there is so much going on in the screen it becomes totally unreadable. Even if you would pause the game, there would be so much text there that it would still take some time to find out what your sounds are doing. I wonder if we can come up with a better way to represent that information. Since voice counts probably increase in the next generation it will ahve to be done to get a workable enviroment. Because on the one hand, its a good idea to trust your ears but on the other, there is so much going on, its hard to spot problems sometimes.

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