Zen and the art of GameAudio maintance – on the GDC vault


At this years Game Developers Conference in San Francisco I was invited by Damian & Scott Selfon to give a talk on the Audio Bootcamp track. Quite a special thing since this was the room happening the very room at the moscone centre where my career started. After my internship in LA with Jamey Scott ended in 2007 I went to GDC and met all these amazing people, my tribe, in the gameaudio community.  Back in 2014 I already got to do a talk there with Andreas Varga about the sound system of Killzone Shadow Fall but this time I was on my own.

I wanted to talk about my experience in gameaudio and share some insights about the experience of working on games such as Horizon. And give some practical lessons learnt from that time. Inspired by Robert M. Pirsig’s writing.

Now the recording of the talk is available free of charge at the GDC vault.!

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Sound Designer for Guerrilla Games Killzone 2 Killzone 3

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