Killzone Shadow Fall Released

Last week Killzone Shadow Fall released. Ofcourse there was quite a bit of press but one article in particular was interesting. Digital Foundry came over and spend quite some time in the studio talkign to all the departments. They also visited the sound department and spend time with Lewis James (lead audio), Andreas Varge (audio …

Interesting donationware plugins: R-128 analyzer

Came across this donationware plugin bundle that includes a nice looking R-128 analyzer. Have a look for yourself: It even supports 7.1! That alone is worth a lot more for a loudness meter, but this also comes with a ton of other toys. Nice one.


Invisiball Untitled from hakan lidbo on Vimeo. Wonderful new post on Jean-Edouard Miclot’s blog about Stadium Crowds. Some terrific sounding examples aswell. Birds are awesome. Insane Ice Sounds Jascha – “The Future” Eek this gun sounds insane. Russian’s do some weird stuff too. Fun with light – WebGL Path Tracing

Free R-128 Loudness measuring tools

So after my post of yesterday  I thought i’d better dig some more myself. And presto, 2nd run more luck in finding free measuring tools. VST Plugin: Seems to work fine. ONly on stereo channels (it stopped audio coming out of a 7.1 bus for me). Standalone tool: This one can also gain your file to …